Made with you in mind

In many products that you use every day the manufacturers use potentially harmful ingredients because they are cheap and easily available. As a result you and your family may face hazards because of the commercial decisions others make.

One manufacturer has a different approach. NEWAYS is a company dedicated to providing products that contain only the safest ingredients.

Soothing Hands Ltd is an Independent Distributor for NEWAYS based in Huntingdonshire, but is looking for business partners from around the UK or the World.

If you care about yourself, your family, your friends and your environment then you should take the time to become product aware.

You can trust NEWAYS products to do what you want without any hidden risk to you. Contact me now for FREE information about our extensive range of Complementary Health, Nutritional, Personal Care, Household and other products developed with the safety of you and those you care for in mind